Everyone has the opportunity to invest in a successful business of financial logistics and receive a share of the income of the Tethex company.

How Tethex helps to multiply capital

How the company Tethex makes money

Tethex is a large international company engaged in crypto exchanges and banking services. It solves the global problem of the convenience of using cryptocurrency.

Banks create restrictions

Banks often hinder more than they help. They track transactions and ask questions if they see large turnovers of funds. They block accounts or delay transactions. Difficulties with currency conversion and restrictions on transfers between countries.

That's why cryptocurrency appeared

Cryptocurrency was created for financial transactions without intermediaries, without banks. Everyone has the right to financial freedom and privacy. This is the meaning of cryptocurrency.

Tethex makes cryptocurrency convenient

Tethex has combined bank cards with cryptocurrency. Now you can pay for purchases with an anonymous USDT card. There is no financial monitoring from the bank, no one knows how much and where you spend your money. There are no problems with transferring funds. This is called free financial logistics.

Main areas of Tethex business

USDT cards for individual clients

Anonymous payment card with USDT account, which can be used to make payments in any currency

Corporate cards for business

We create mini-banks for companies with the issuance of their own cards for employees around the world

Currency exchange and logistics

We transfer funds without restrictions through our payment gateways in the USA, Europe and Asia

Payment systems

Convenient and secure personal accounts for managing funds on the Tron blockchain

Your investments scale up the Tethex business

The more working capital the company has, the better the conditions for the Tethex business and clients

Private investments

Business development

Increased profit from commissions

Distribution of profits among investors

Tethex is a new generation bank

Banks attract client funds for deposits, and Tethex attracts capital for business development.



0.4% per month
20% per month
Financial monitoring
Complete anonymity
US dollars
USDT cryptocurrency
Difficulties and bureaucracy
Convenient online account
Internal policy
No restrictions


Monthly income
$1 000
$2 500
$5 000
$7 500
$10 000
$25 000
$50 000
$75 000
$100 000

Invest in working capital from $100 and earn passive income from 20% per month from platform commissions.

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How else to earn with Tethex

Tethex is a large international company engaged in crypto exchanges and banking services.

Simple step-by-step instructions

1. How much can I earn?

Each contract has an investment goal of 200%. This means that when your income is 200%, the contract will automatically terminate. If you want to continue earning income, you will need to open a new contract.

Income is accrued daily on business days. Average return is 20% per month.

2. Does compound interest work?

No, compound interest is not provided since the contract will terminate when you reach 200% income. You will need to open a new contract. The income you receive each day can be used for your own purposes: withdraw and spend, or accumulate and open a new contract.

3. How to withdraw income?

In your personal account, you need to create a withdrawal request. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USDT. The withdrawal fee is 5%. The regulation for withdrawing funds is up to 7 business days. The funds are withdrawn to your Tethex personal account. And from the personal account you can instantly withdraw to your anonymous USDT payment card or to an external wallet on the Tron network. See the instructions:how to withdraw funds

4. How to withdraw money early?

If you have opened an investment contract and decided to terminate it early, you can withdraw the funds no earlier than 3 months after opening. Without any penalties. The withdrawal amount will be minus the received profit. Period: up to 20 business days.

The company runs a complex operating business worldwide. It takes risks and obligations. Therefore, when you open an investment contract, the company expects to be able to use these funds for working capital. When you terminate the contract early, it is important to withdraw the funds from the working capital properly and without financial losses. This may take up to 20 days.

5. Can I earn on recommendations?

Yes, you can earn on recommendations. To participate in the affiliate program, you yourself need to be an investor. We believe that you can only recommend a product that you use yourself. Therefore, you need to open any investment contract and then you will have the opportunity to recommend it to other people and earn through the affiliate program.

6. Why is the return so high?

Yes, we have a higher return than other companies. This is possible due to the business model. Any business has marketing costs. In our case, we direct the marketing budget to creating more attractive conditions for investors and developing a partner network. The company does not operate at a loss. The financial model with such a return is sustainable and allows us to quickly scale the business.

7. Can I create multiple accounts?

Yes, you can create multiple accounts. For registration, an email and Telegram are sufficient. Here are the instructions: how to register

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