Everyone has the right to financial freedom and privacy. Tethex erases borders and bank control.

Overview of Tethex payment solutions

Tethex USDT card useful to everyone

Fully anonymous card

No personal data is required to issue the card. No one will know who and how much money you sent, where and how much you spent. Financial transactions are your personal business.

Andrey, crypto trader

I like that there is an opportunity not to show my transactions. Money loves silence. I trade crypto on the exchange and earn in USDT.

Before, I exchanged USDT for hryvnias through P2P. I didn't withdraw large amounts because the bank asked questions.

Now I don't need to convert cryptocurrency. I can freely buy expensive things and not think about the bank seeing my turnover.

Works worldwide without restrictions

Suitable for payments while traveling and on foreign services. No need to think about currency exchange. USDT is deducted from your balance, and the payment is made in the local currency.

Julia, blogger

Very convenient card. I move a lot around the world and in each country I had to exchange currencies. With the Tethex card, I no longer do that.

Google Play and Apple Pay

Easy to connect the card and pay for purchases from your phone.

Up to 3% cashback for personal purchases

Get back 3% from purchases of any amount.

Accrual on the balance up to 1%

Get 1% of the amount on the card at the end of each month.

Bonuses for referral of the card

You will receive cashback from purchases of your friends.

Nice to use a convenient cabinet

Digital bank in Telegram

App inside your Telegram. Quick access to all transactions.

Web version of the Tethex personal account

Here you can issue cards, top up your balance, make investments and develop a partner network. Clear design and fast support.

Terms and Cashback Tethex Card

Cost of issue
Validity period
3 years
3 years
3 years
Commission for replenishment
Commission for conversion
Cashback for personal purchases
Accrual on the balance
Bonus for referral
Cashback for friends' purchases
1% from 1st line
1% from 3 lines
1% from 5 lines

Recommend cards and earn

Examples of bonus accrual:

You have a cardClassic20 USDT

A person bought a card on your recommendation Black 100 USDT

Your bonus will be:

100 х 10% = 10 USDT

will be credited to your account immediately
You have a cardBlack100 USDT

The payment volume of your friends for a month was 100 000 USDT

Your cashback will be:

100 000 х 1% = 1000 USDT

will be credited to your account immediately

If your friends spend a lot of money, let them do it with the Tethex card. They will get up to 3% cashback on purchases, and you will get 1% of their payment volume.

Get an anonymous card right now

Just 3 simple steps and you will get a next-level payment solution:


Register a personal account

Register by email without identity verification


Issue a card online

Use the instructions and help from the partner who recommended you


Make purchases worldwide

As well as get cashback and interest on your account balance in currency

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How else to earn with Tethex

Tethex is a large international company engaged in crypto exchanges and banking services.

Popular questions about Tethex USDT card

1. Why is the card anonymous?

We believe that everyone has the right to personal space and financial privacy. In the modern world, banks see all your transactions.

We are crypto enthusiasts and believe in the future of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, we created an anonymous card, and we see how quickly it becomes popular among the audience. That means people need it.

No personal data is required to issue the card. It is enough to register via email and telegram. You can put any name on the card.

2. Is the Tethex card a Visa or Mastercard?

The Tethex card uses the global Visa system. The issuer is JPMorgan Chase bank.

3. Why is the cashback so generous?

This is the company's strategy to attract customers. We provide more favorable terms than traditional banks in order to lure customers away from them. Due to customer recommendations, the customer base grows faster than that of competitors. And the more customers, the better conditions we can offer.

4. How many cards can I issue?

You can issue 3 cards for one account in the Tethex personal account.

5. How to top up the card?

First, you need to register in the Tethex personal account, for which an Email and Telegram are enough. Then you need to top up your personal account by sending USDT cryptocurrency to it. From your personal account, you transfer the amount you want to spend to the card. To issue a card, see step-by-step instructions.

6. Where is the income from recommendations credited?

In the Tethex personal account, there are 3 accounts: personal, card, and business account. When a person issues a card on your recommendation, the bonus is immediately credited to your business account.

7. How much can I earn on recommendations?

There are no restrictions. Many of our partners are developing their business on our affiliate program. Here are more details: how to earn with Tethex

Still have questions?

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