Tethex is developing a successful business in the financial sector and is ready to share profits with partners who are focused on results.

What does the company Tethex do

How the company Tethex makes money

Tethex is a large international company engaged in crypto exchanges and banking services. It solves the global problem of the convenience of using cryptocurrency.

Banks create restrictions

Banks often hinder more than they help. They track transactions and ask questions if they see large turnovers of funds. They block accounts or delay transactions. Difficulties with currency conversion and restrictions on transfers between countries.

That's why cryptocurrency appeared

Cryptocurrency was created for financial transactions without intermediaries, without banks. Everyone has the right to financial freedom and privacy. This is the meaning of cryptocurrency.

Tethex makes cryptocurrency convenient

Tethex has combined bank cards with cryptocurrency. Now you can pay for purchases with an anonymous USDT card. There is no financial monitoring from the bank, no one knows how much and where you spend your money. There are no problems with transferring funds. This is called free financial logistics.

Earning with Tethex is very simple

You recommend Tethex to your friends and acquaintances. They will happily use it, and you will earn income. You can recommend 2 products: anonymous USDT cards and investment contracts.

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Develop an international business in the financial sector with our team and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars

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Recommend anonymous USDT cards

A lot of customers

Only 3% of the world's population owns cryptocurrency. By 2030, there will be more than 6 billion cryptocurrency users.

Many people earn in cryptocurrency. But there is a problem...

You need to convert USDT into national currency, transfer money to a bank card and explain to the bank the origin of the funds. Now with the USDT card you can easily pay bills around the world in any currency.

Get cashback for other people's purchases

When people pay with the Tethex USDT card, you will receive 1% of their payment volume.

Cashback from 1st line
Cashback from 2nd line
Cashback from 3rd line
Cashback from 4th line
Cashback from 5th line

Get 1% cashback when people spend money on groceries, travel, restaurants, events and online services.

Attract investments in the Tethex company

People with capital are always looking for investment options. Because money depreciates due to inflation. You can offer Tethex.

Your deposit
Your income
$1 500
$5 000
$15 000
$1 500
$50 000
$3 000
$150 000
$7 500
$350 000
$15 000
$600 000
$50 000
$1 млн
$75 000
$2.5 млн
$100 000
$5 млн
$150 000
$10 млн

Get up to 21% of the investment amount

The more investment volume you attract with your team, the higher percentage of the investment amount you will receive. Get instructions on how to become a partner.

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+1700 became partners today

For example, if you personally invested $3,000, and your team collectively attracted $150,000, then for each investment you will receive 13% of the income.

Who is the Tethex affiliate program suitable for

Entrepreneurs, traffic specialists

can attract audience from advertising

Opinion leaders, Youtube channel authors, bloggers

can recommend Tethex card to subscribers

Owners of online media, community leaders

can tell their audience about Tethex

People with many friends and acquaintances

can show the advantages by their own example

Our team will provide all the tools

Get for free to develop your partner business:

1. Access to the experience of top marketers

2. Personal website just like this one

3. Telegram bot with a funnel and mailing

4. Tools for partner business

5. We will help set up advertising and marketing

6. Scripts for effective sales

7. Regular webinars and trainings

8. Offline events in different countries

With our team you will earn quickly

In the first week, we connected over 1,000 people and earned $7,000. Now we have gained an indecent pace. People are joining by whole families, companies and even cities of several thousand people.

Don't miss the opportunity

The question is not how many thousands of dollars you will earn, but how quickly you will do it. If you miss this opportunity, you may be left out and watch your friends get rich.

Your actions to success


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Become a partner of the company


Develop your business and earn

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How else to earn with Tethex

Tethex is a large international company engaged in crypto exchanges and banking services.

Answering questions

1. How much can I earn?

You can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. It depends on your efficiency: how many partners you can attract, and the quality of the audience. It is reasonable to attract a solvent audience that uses cryptocurrency or is looking for investment options.

When you promote anonymous USDT cards, you will receive 1% of the amount that your customers spend. The more your customers spend, the more you earn.

When you attract investments, you will receive from 3% to 21% of the investment amount. The more people invest, the more you earn.

Your success is in your hands. Our team will help you get started and show you the best way for quick growth.

2. How is income accrued?

Income is instantly credited to your business account in the Tethex personal account.

3. Where to withdraw income?

You can withdraw your income to your personal account in the Tethex account. And then from the personal account, transfer it to your USDT card to pay for purchases in any currency, or withdraw to any wallet on the Tron network.

4. Do I need to invest anything?

You can start with $100. To become a partner of Tethex, you need to use the company's products. This is logical and correct. We believe it is unethical to promote products that you do not use yourself. You should have a clear understanding of what you are recommending and have personal experience using Tethex products. This will help you when communicating with potential customers and increase your sales effectiveness.

5. Where does the company get money to pay income?

Tethex pays income from the marketing budget. Any business has a marketing budget and advertising. Instead of spending money on advertising, Tethex pays rewards and bonuses to partners. This strategy brings more profit than traditional advertising. Loyal and motivated partners successfully promote Tethex and receive generous rewards.

6. How quickly will I get profit?

You receive the affiliate program reward instantly after the client issues a card or makes an investment. How quickly you get your first clients depends on your work. Join our team to get help at the start.

7. How to track partners' investments?

In the Tethex personal account, you can see all your partners and the income you have received.

Still have questions?

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