Everyone has the right to financial freedom and privacy. Tethex helps to achieve this through financial products and services.

What does the company Tethex do

Freedom of payments

Anonymous Tethex Card USDT card for convenient payment in any currency

Keep your money in USDT cryptocurrency, pay for purchases and get cashback. The Tethex Card works with Apple Pay and Google Pay worldwide without restrictions.

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Passive income

Tethex investments with an income of up to 20% per month to an anonymous USDT account

Invest in the Tethex business and earn passive income of up to 20% per month. Create financial freedom and pay bills around the world.

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Business opportunities

Profitable business on the Tethex affiliate program with our team

Earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in the financial sector. Attract customers, sell USDT cards and develop the Tethex partner network.

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Use the opportunities of Tethex now to get all the benefits from the financial revolution.

Tethex is making a revolution in the financial sector

Tethex is a large international company engaged in crypto exchanges and banking services. It solves the global problem of the convenience of using cryptocurrency.

Banks create restrictions

Banks often hinder more than they help. They track transactions and ask questions if they see large turnovers of funds. They block accounts or delay transactions. Difficulties with currency conversion and restrictions on transfers between countries.

That's why cryptocurrency appeared

Cryptocurrency was created for financial transactions without intermediaries, without banks. Everyone has the right to financial freedom and privacy. This is the meaning of cryptocurrency.

Tethex makes cryptocurrency convenient

Tethex has combined bank cards with cryptocurrency. Now you can pay for purchases with an anonymous USDT card. There is no financial monitoring from the bank, no one knows how much and where you spend your money. There are no problems with transferring funds. This is called free financial logistics.

Millions of customers around the world

Tethex is needed by everyone who spends money

Only 3% of the world's population owns cryptocurrency. By 2030, there will be more than 6 billion cryptocurrency users.

Many people earn in crypto. But there is a problem...

You need to convert USDT into national currency, transfer money to a bank card and explain to the bank the origin of the funds. Now with the USDT card you can easily pay bills in any currency around the world.

At the same time, people want to receive passive income. Tethex provides this opportunity.

Every day people spend money. Tethex is needed by absolutely everyone. Especially those who deal with cryptocurrency.

Step-by-step instructions

Get step-by-step instructions on how to register with Tethex, issue a USDT card, make an investment and start a business on the affiliate program.

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